Recruitment & Training Staff

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • May 30, 2017
Permanent Transportation Warehouse

Job Description

  1. Male / Female 
  2. 27-30 years old 
  3. Bachelor Degree in Psychology or Human Resource from reputable university 
  4. Minimum 4 years in the same field 
  5. Fluent in English is a must, Japanese speaking will be advantage. 
  6. Good communication skill and aggressive enough 
  7. Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point


Recruitment : 
  1. Window person in recruitment 
  2. Inquiry, sourcing, screening, scoring, interview, offering, working agreement 
  3. Check the working agreement due date and follow up 
  4. Make effective communication with all provider related recruitment 
  5. Maintain employee data, organization chart and reporting 
Training : 
  1. Induction and orientation training for new employee 
  2. Achieve training records, maintain and reporting 
  3. Collect training application required and find out the provider 
  4. Training program arrangement, schedule and daily implementation